Nuguna School Uniform



Hi!! We're NUGUNA School Uniform Rental!

"NUGUNA" means "everyone" in Korean.

Wearing pretty school uniforms, having the best time of your life, taking the best pictures…

A special place only available at NUGUNA!! 


*Currently, we’re still preparing men’s uniforms. 


We’re world 1st Kpop school uniform rental shop.

Located in Hongdae.

Please be careful the imitation(copy)shop of us.




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Rental Price


Basic uniform Premium uniform 2 for 1
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Korean basic school uniform


Idol style school uniform


1 Basic uniform full set & 1 Premium uniform full set
1.5hour 15000won 1.5hour 20000won 1.5hour 25000won
2.5hour 20000won 2.5hour 25000won 2.5hour 30000won
1Day(unitl PM7) 25000won 1Day(unitl PM7)30000won 1Day(unitl PM7)35000won

Traditional Korean school uniform

K-pop idol style school uniform!!

This course allows you

to wear 2 uniforms!!

1 basic and 1 premium.

Winter uniform(Jacket,Long sleeves shirts,Tie or Ribbon,Skirts,Back pack)

Summer uniform(Half sleeve shirts,Ribbon,Skirts,Back pack) 


We also sell underskirts and inner camisoles!


DSLR photographer entrance fee 5,000won

Currently, we’re still preparing men’s uniforms.

We provide free lockers to all of our guests. 

For rentals, we will be retaining one copy of the representative’s ID. 



How to find NUGUNA?


NUGUNA is located at Hongik University Sta.(Subway 2line).


Google MAP



From Hongik University Station of Subway Line 2 


 5minutes' walk from the Hongik University(Subway 2Line) station.

1. Take Exit #8 from Hongik University Station Line 2, then turn right. 




2. Walk straight ahead, going past Innisfree.





 3. Turn left at the intersection. 




4. Turn right at the signboard of Mapo Tourist Information Center. 


4.png IMG_5082.JPG



5. Cross the intersection and go straight towards the plaza.




6. Go straight.




7. Go straight when you see a parking lot on the left and a red brick building.




8. You’ll see a 7/11 on the first floor, and that is the building where NUGUNA is located on the 5th floor. 





From Hong-ik University Station of Incheon Airport Railroad (AREX)



1. Take Exit #7 from Hong-ik University Station AREX.






2. You’ll see a 7/11 on the first floor, and that is the building where NUGUNA is located on the 5th floor.

 securedownload (2).jpg






Q.Do I need a reservation?

A.We don't keep booking.All uniforms are first come,first served basis.


Q.When are you closed? 

A.We're close on every Wednesday.

We will post announcements  if there will be a construction within the shop or if we will be closing the shop. 

Please check announcement on our SNS(Instagram,Facebook).

Check our official Instagram

Seollal (Korean/Lunar New Year) and Chuseok is shop close.


Q.What sizes are available?



Q.Can I also rent shoes? 

Yes.Rental shoes and socks are available for 5,000won.


Q.I want to take pictures inside the shop without renting the school uniforms.

Currently, we only allow customers to take photos inside the shop upon renting the uniform.


Q.Can I leave my luggages?

There is no place to keep your luggage(big laggage) inside the store. Additionally, our building doesn’t have an elevator and is located on the 5th floor so we recommend using the paid luggage storage located inside Hong-ik University Station.


Q.Is there anyone who can take pictures?

We do not have photographers. 

You may borrow tripods and selfie sticks inside the store free of charge.


Q.I want to get my hair styled and my make-up done. Is this possible?

We do not have hair stylists and makeup artists.

You can use the tools, such as flat iron, available in the dressing table inside the shop. 


Q.For the 1-day rental, can I take the uniform back to my hotel and return it the next day?

The 1-day uniform rental is only valid from opening to closing hours of the shop.

If you return it the next day, extra charges may apply.


Q.I missed the time to return my uniform. What should I do?

If you fail to return the uniform by the end of business hours, extra charges will apply. 


Q.What should I do if my uniform becomes dirty or damaged?

It shouldn’t be a problem if the dirt can be removed by washing. However, in case of marks/dirt caused by makeup or food with dark liquid, we will be charging an extra cleaning fee of KRW 10,000.

If the school uniform is damaged or dirtied severely, this amount may differ so please let us know.


Q.I want to take photos for my business.

For commercial shooting, please ask our staff. 




・You can go out freely.

・You can try only two style of uniforms before you finally decide uniform.

・Except 2for1 plan guests,style change is not allowed when you started to take picture.

・Sharing school uniform is not allowed.

・Extend fee is 5,000won/per 1 hour. The extension of more than two hours will be automatically changed to the one day plan.

・In any case,we can't refund after you tried uniform.

・Please refrain from drinking and/or smoking while wearing the uniform, which may cause problems.

・In case the uniform becomes dirty, please inform our staff immediately. If it can be easily removed by washing, this won’t be a problem. However, in case of excessive dirty or damage, we may give extra charges for cleaning costs.

・In case you have lost your locker key, we would be charging KRW 15,000 for costs involved in duplicating the key and buying a key ring.

・If you intend to do a shooting for commercial purposes, such as internet shopping malls, please ask our staff beforehand.

・We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please make sure to take care of your valuables.